Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 2

Day 9: 1,237 calories

My arm is still killing me from the gym. Went to the grocery store today and again spent a ton of money, but bought a lot of good things. I'll basically only be going to the store once or twice a week for produce and a few random things. I have enough non produce food for meals for awhile. I loved the mini quesadilla I made today, and might throw on some of the enchilada sauce on top next time - very low calorie. I love Mexican food and I love that I can have Mexican food regularly and keep it healthy. :)

Day 10: 1,276 calories

My arm is definitely a lot better, but it's not 100% yet. I won't do arm exercises until I go to the gym next Wednesday. Don't wanna strain it again. Pretty excited I went out to dinner tonight with my mom, and ate right around 500 calories. We guessed, of course, on the potatoes and the iced tea (and maybe overcompensated, calorie wise, on the tea), but I think I was pretty close to accurate.

Day 11: 1,228 calories

I was a little worried about my cat's appetite being down, so the anxiety did effect me negatively earlier. It didn't effect my meal plans for the day, though. I actually wanted to go to the gym today. When I do those leg machines in particular, I feel the fat literally getting burned away. Can't wait til I can see a difference. :) I really liked the Lean Cuisine I had for dinner tonight. Lean Cuisines are high in sodium but they're packed with protein and are low calorie, so I feel I can have them once a week or so. They're quick and usually tasty!

Day 12: 1,234 calories

My goal is to be able to jog a 5k on my birthday, May 21st. I am trying to build my endurance now, and I hope in a week from Sunday to start SparkPeople's 5 week 5k training program. On the treadmill right now I am just working on going 2 miles as fast as I can but hoping the 5k training program will get me up to 3 miles. I was excited to do a few arm machines today but I did not push it. I was also really excited to get to have Chipotle for dinner. I went to my aunt's house, who got subs, but the burrito bol was far less calories and easy to fit in my diet today.

Day 13: 1,201 calories

I laid in bed a little longer than intended (I'm milking up my last two days of Spring Break before it's solid school for 2 more months) so my breakfast was sort of a brunch situation. I didn't eat it until about noon. I keep spending so much money at the grocery store, but I love what I'm buying. Bought a few amazing sounding cereals in the granola variety, among other things. Loving my low calorie intake today. Love how low in calories raw vegetables and hummus is.

Day 14: 1,225 calories

Since my parents and I went to 5pm mass, we went out to eat afterwards. Yesterday my dad said I could pick the place, because he knows I am tracking my calories. I did my research once I got back from the gym and figured out where I wanted to go where I could order something to fit in my nutrition goals for today. I was slightly disappointed the scale didn't go down. I weigh myself every time I go to the gym (which has been every other day this past week) and it always went down a little. The good news is it didn't go UP, either. It was exactly the same as Friday. I just wish these pounds were dropping FASTER. Why can some people lose 3 pounds per week and I lose like one? The good news is I did a lot better cardio wise than I thought. I was running for 3 minutes, brisk walking for 2 in interval training, but when I got to the 20 minute mark and started to run, I just wanted to see how far I could really go, and I ran all the way to the 30 minute mark. Wednesday will be the first time going to the gym at night after a couple days worth of classes and intense homework - curious to see if I have enough energy to run better than I did today. I'm going to try.

Day 15: 1,219 calories

It was hard to be on campus from 9:15am-7:40pm, with horrendous food everywhere. It is actually challenging to find anything healthy, so I tried to bring as much food from home as I could, but it felt weird not eating very much fresh food considering it would've gone bad as the day went on. Being on campus, the place I used to eat muffins, drink Mountain Dews, and order Korean Quesadillas really sucked. It'll get easier - but this was the first real day since I started this dietwhere I had to really sit on campus and resist temptation all day. The weight is not coming off fast enough, I'm still insanely hungry in between meals, and I'm miserable. Overly stressed, overwhelmed, and just blah. I put way too much pressure on myself, whatever task is at hand. I've always been that way. I received encouragement from my friend Kelly, my mom, and my Spark Friends - but I just need to go to sleep and start a new day. My dad, who is now eating healthier, exercising more, and trying to lose weight too, suggested he and I take long walks in my parents' hilly neighborhood on non gym days. Just the two of us, talking about our progress and things. I'll hold him to that. I really hope we bond over this. He heard I was discouraged today (I had called my mom), and I hope that didn't discourage him. I want to continue to be a good example for him, which will hopefully, in the future, keep my outward mood positive despite how I might feel on the inside. I gotta say though, I LOVE how low calorie soft rye bread is vs. the white I was eating before. Definitely helps, because a piece of bread and peanut butter or regular butter is definitely filling.

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