Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 14

Breakfast (275 cals)
Fresh Market All Natural Raisin Bran
Green grapes

Lunch (235 cals)
Luna Lemon Zest protein bar
Black bean and mozzarella cheese quesadilla w/ green chile enchilada sauce

Snack (115 cals)
Green grapes
Sesame Crispbread

Dinner (390 cals)
Applebee's Cajun Lime Tilapia
Raspberry Iced Tea

Dessert (31 cals)
Hershey Special Dark (2 pieces)

Total: 1,225 calories

Time spent at gym: 1:15

Leg, ab, and arm machines

2 miles in 29:40
2:25 total, 33:00
Longest running streak: 10 minutes

Comments: Since my parents and I went to 5pm mass, we went out to eat afterwards. Yesterday my dad said I could pick the place, because he knows I am tracking my calories. I did my research once I got back from the gym and figured out where I wanted to go where I could order something to fit in my nutrition goals for today. I was slightly disappointed the scale didn't go down. I weigh myself every time I go to the gym (which has been every other day this past week) and it always went down a little. The good news is it didn't go UP, either. It was exactly the same as Friday. I just wish these pounds were dropping FASTER. Why can some people lose 3 pounds per week and I lose like one? The good news is I did a lot better cardio wise than I thought. I was running for 3 minutes, brisk walking for 2 in interval training, but when I got to the 20 minute mark and started to run, I just wanted to see how far I could really go, and I ran all the way to the 30 minute mark. Wednesday will be the first time going to the gym at night after a couple days worth of classes and intense homework - curious to see if I have enough energy to run better than I did today. I'm going to try.

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