Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 104

Banana Nut Muffin Top

Black grapes

Pasta salad
Fruit salad

Ice cream sandwich

Total: 1,425 calories

Exercise (1 hour)
2.8 mile walk with dad

Comments: Not great to go over 1,400 calories on a low exercise day, but next week I'm picking up my exercise (as much as I can- it's not going to be a good week, if you catch my drift) and definitely going to eat more fruits and veggies - trying to make chicken and peas for dinner at least 4 nights next week- I have 4 chicken breasts, after all. I'm hoping by June 30th I weigh a little less than I do now (bc I've only lost 2.2 pounds this month) but considering what time of the the month the 30th falls on, I'm not exactly counting on it. I dropped another pants size and that feels a lot better than a few pounds on the scale. The next time I drop a size, I'll be at my goal size (and one more after that before I reach ultimate). Can't complain.

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