Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 98: Happy Father's Day, daddy!

Breakfast (390 cals)
Cranberry Muffin Top

Snacks @ the Indy race (391 cals)
Black grapes

Dinner (465 cals)
Chicken Taquitos
Veggie Chips

Dessert (150 cals)
Brownie Bites

Total: 1,396 calories

Comments: A little high because it was a rest day, but not too bad. I managed to not eat very much at the race, which was impressive. I definitely need at least one rest day a week with the workout regimen I gave myself two weeks ago. Yikes. When I got home and had dinner, at 6:30 I had only had 2 cups of water, so I majorly hydrated for the rest of the night.

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