Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 94

Breakfast (368 cals)
Health Valley Organic Blueberry Cobbler Multigrain Cereal Bar
Toast with peanut butter

Snacks (310 cals)
Raspberry Cookies

Dinner (554 cals)
Chicken tossed with water chestnuts and peas with Kung Pao sauce
Rye bread with butter
(1) Hershey's Miniature Mr. Goodbar

Dessert (100 cals)
Skinny Cow Chocolate Bar

Total: 1,332 calories

Exercise (2 hours, 15 minutes)
Strength training - upper body (20 minutes)
2.8 mile walk (55 minutes)
Stationary bike (60 minutes)

Comments: Over 18 pounds down. So close to 20. Also getting closer to dropping a pants size, but not there yet. I wore an 8 in high school but haven't since. It'd be nice to slip into a pair of those again. I was pretty stoked my grocery store carried Kung Pao sauce - I used that on my chicken breast and it was heaven. Not as good as TGI Friday's did it, but I'll get better, lol.

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