Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 96

Breakfast (410 cals)
Van's Totally Natural Waffles with Cary's Sugar Free Syrup
VitaMuffin Cranberry Bran VitaTop

Lunch (300 cals)
Cottage cheese topped with black grapes
Sensible Portion Veggie Chips

Dinner (574 cals)
Chicken breast with peas topped with Korean Teryaki Stir Fry sauce
Rye bread and butter

Desserts (180 cals)
Skinny Cow Fudge Bar
(2) Hershey's Miniatures

Total: 1,483 calories

Exercise (2 hours, 18 minutes)
Swam laps (80 minutes)
3 mile walk (58 minutes)

Comments: I hovered really close to the top of my range in sodium today, but I altered a few things so I would stay under it. I know being on the top of the sodium range isn't good for weight loss, so I made sure to overcompensate with my water intake. While sauces do add sodium, I have discovered that simply tossing chicken breast with a flavorful sauce makes the dish a lot more interesting. You'd think I would've figured that out a long time ago, but I used to just put a little salt and pepper on chicken when I'd cook it, and eat it basically plain with some vegetables. Now that I've discovered I can buy Asian sauces at the grocery store ... I'll never cook chicken another way again! I had a little bit of a hunger battle today, but that happens from time to time.

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