Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 88

Breakfast (485 cals)
Van's Totally Natural Waffles with Cary's Sugar Free Syrup and butter
Muffin top

Snacks (465 cals)
Blueberry Cereal Bar
Veggie Chips

Dinner @ Brewers game (511 cals)
Italian Sausage with mustard

Total: 1,461 calories

Exercise (82 minutes)
3.8 mile walk (72 minutes)
Wii Fit Plus (Soccer Heading) (10 minutes)

Comments: My Nike+ band was way off, so I factory reset it (because it was so off that when I tried to calibrate the 2.23 mile walk it thought I did to the 3.8 mile walk it actually was, it said "out of range") and now the website isn't working. Grr.

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