Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 10: How did I do?

Consume 50g of protein 5x/week
Do 15 minutes of housework/day
Drink 8 cups of water/day
Log 30 fitness minutes per day
Log 1500 fitness minutes for the month of May (Currently: 1,503)
Run 3x/week
Stay under 2,300mg of sodium 5x/week

Sleep 8 hours/night
Work out with Jillian 3x/week

Cut out the calories goal because I need to eat more calories temporarily to get my body out of a plateau. Cut out the weight loss goal because I'm AT a plateau and I'm sick of not even losing a pound a week. So I'd rather not put that under "goal not met". It's something I have no control over.... so it shouldn't be a goal!

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