Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 41

Breakfast (193 cals)
Fresh Market Apples with Cinnamon Multigrain Oatmeal

Snack (180 cals)
Luna Chocolate Chunk Protein Bar

Lunch (417 cals)
Salmon and mozzarella sandwich on toasted rye
Frigo Cheese Heads Light Swirl String Cheese
(8) Grapes
Granny Smith Apple

Dinner @ Noodles & Company (460 cals)
(Small) Bangkok Curry
Side of flatbread

Total: 1,249 calories

Exercise (150 minutes)
Walk to and from Milwaukee County Zoo (3 miles)
Walk around Milwaukee County Zoo (3 miles)

Comments: The scale is continuing to go up and it is making me want to curl into the fetal position and cry. I am doing nothing wrong. In fact I'm busting my ass to lose weight and the scale just goes up nor do my clothes fit any better. It's incredibly aggravating and makes me realize that I'm probably destined to be 154 pounds and fat the rest of my life. My body is naturally plateauing at this weight, it's obvious, so it wants to be fat. It's an incredibly depressing thing, but it's beyond my control.


  1. Do NOT weight yourself every day, or multiple times a day, no matter how tempting it is. When we are doing well, we are okay waiting a week. When we aren't we want to see the number go down so badly that we hop on the scale. Don't do it. It will only discourage you. I know you read that Spark People post by the person that gave all the reason why your weight fluctuates. You might not like it, but it is true. Weighing 154 one week and 154.4 the next is not an indication, AT ALL, of your efforts or progress.

    What you said is actually true, although I don't know if your thinking is accurate. Does your body want to be 154 for the rest of your life? Not really, it just isn't sure. People losing weight have the hardest time getting past the weights where they have spent the most years. Your body wasn't used to being at 164, so it happily let you get rid of those first 10 pounds. You have spent more time at 154, and your body knows that weight. It has become accustomed to carrying it and providing for that much weight. All you have to do is let your body know that it isn't going to stay at 154 and it will eventually get on board. My body did that to me around 159 or so. It took me several weeks to finally get closer to 155 and then 150.

    It might be beyond your control how quickly you get past 154, but it will happen. What IS in your control? Not gaining. If you throw in the towel you will gain weight. FACT. Don't do it.

  2. Sorry for typos. Heading out the door!