Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 44

Breakfast (330 cals)
(2) scrambled eggs
English Muffin Toasting Bread

Snacks (Eaten one at a time, in this order) (431 cals)
(15) Grapes
(2) Quaker Chocolate Crunch Rice Cakes
Granny Smith Apple
Sunflower Seeds

Dinner (350 cals)
Leftover vegetable quiche

Dessert (140 cals)
Lemon bar

Total: 1,251 calories

Exercise (42 minutes)
Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred Level 1 (20 minutes)
Wii Fit Weekly Challenge (22 minutes)

Comments: Today was tough in terms of hunger. I brought a lot of snacks with, but I don't know. I struggled. Having so many calories at night with the lemon bar and quiche makes the rest of the day difficult, especially when I'm just sitting on campus bored. It was just a blah bad mood kind of day. The 30 Day Shred went well tonight. I didn't take any breaks during the part of the cardio that I did on Sunday, but the strength training was slightly more challenging today (probably because of the stiff/soreness from doing it the first time). I hate the workout when I'm doing it, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE IT STARTS WITH PUSHUPS AND I CAN'T DO THOSE, but I love how I feel afterwards!! I wanted to go right into my Wii exercises but the Wii Board's batteries were dead. And because there was a show I wanted to watch at 9, I had to do the Wii for 22 minutes at like 9:45. Not good, considering how early I have to get up on Wednesdays. But I improved in all areas of the weekly challenge, so that's good!


  1. I do best with the cardio segments of Jillian's DVDs. Strength is the toughest. I have definitely improved, but I can't go all the way to the ground when I do pushups...and ten is about my max before I collapse.

    I love sunflower seeds...I could eat them ALL the time!

  2. I guess if YOU can't do them, I shouldn't feel so bad that I can't! lol