Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 45

Breakfast (331 cals)
Kashi Go Lean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble Cereal w/skim milk
Hard-boiled egg

Snacks (Eaten one at a time in this order) (470 cals)
(2) Lundsberg Honey Nut Rice Cakes
Kangaroo Sea Salt Pita Chips
Granny Smith Apple
Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber Chocolate Brownie Bar

Dinner (342 cals)
Cottage Cheese topped with blueberries
Multigrain toast with buttery spread

Dessert (128 cals)
Raspberry Hamantash
(1) Marshmallow Peep

Total: 1,271 calories

Exercise (59 minutes)
2.75 mile run on the treadmill (38 minutes)
Wii Fit Plus Weekly Challenge (21 minutes)

Comments: I thought I didn't like fat free cottage cheese, so I got the low fat kind. Nope, realized I just don't like organic cottage cheese. Sorry, Whole Foods. I'm going to Pick N Save for my Kemps. I don't know if it was because my time of the month is arriving shortly, the fact that Bally's air was thick and about 90 degrees, or a mixture of both, but I ran horribly today. The second I walked in there I wanted to walk right back out. Since when is a gym supposed to have more humidity than Florida? I was soaking with sweat before I even STARTED running. That + the crappy machines they have makes me not too happy my parents switched gyms. Nothing I can do about it though. Bought a lot of produce at Whole Foods though, which made me happy. Plus I love their multigrain bread - 100 calories a slice (the rye was slightly better calorie wise) and tasty. I also love their BAKERY SECTION, especially because they have mini cookies that look delicious and a variety of other desserts. Definitely need to fit desserts in whenever possible! One minute away from getting an hour of fitness minutes in. Oh well, lol.

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  1. I love Whole Foods. <3 Mostly because of the produce section. They have everything! :D I've never had anything from the bakery section. It all looks amazing though!

    My gym is usually okay (in terms of temperature/humidity), unless it is packed. Then it gets a bit gross.