Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week 7: How did I do?

Random note: this is my 100th post! Wow!

Consume between 1200 and 1300 cals/day
Log 1000 fitness minutes for the month of April (achieved 4/20; currently 1,840)
Log 30 fitness minutes per day
Lose 1-2 pounds/week (Exactly 1 pound))
Run at least 3x/week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Stay under 2,300mg of sodium/day
Work out with Jillian at least 3x/week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Drink at least 10 cups of water/day (Only 9 on Wednesday-Saturday)
Consume at least 50g of protein/day (Not Friday)


I changed my goal this week to "Jillian" instead of the Wii because my mom got me the 30 Day Shred for Easter. I wish I could do it every day and really "shred" in 30 days but it's way too hard for me to do it every day lol. Meeting my nutrition goals (aside from fruits and veggies and calories) was unknown the first few days because of my mom's Easter meal so that was sort of iffy. Also decided to try to drink 10 cups of water/day this week instead of 8. Just to spice things up and hope it effected my weight loss. I also took out the "go to the gym" goal this week because of the 30 Day Shred and trying to get used to running outside.

In terms of my goals: not bad. The days I didn't achieve the water goal, I DID drink 9. I think aiming for at least 9 is a goal I'll stick with for now; if I can drink more than that, great. My sodium was kind of high (2,000) today but I did stay under the 2300mg. I am really going to watch my sodium intake this week as it is my time of the month coming up.

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